A Finance Degree?!?

So, you’re considering a finance degree, huh? I’ll tell you what, earning one is not easy. Its worth it though, and as you read, you’ll learn what it is and what it can do for you, in a way that you’ll understand. What Is Finance? You probably have an idea of what finance is. Something… Continue reading A Finance Degree?!?


Globalization, Good or Bad!?!?

I imagine that you are curious about the workings of the global economy because you want to know how it affects you. I am too, mostly so that I can short the next recession and get rich. Whatever your reason for curiosity, the economy of the world is very important and interesting to understand. A… Continue reading Globalization, Good or Bad!?!?

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I’m Weird(Or Not)

Hey everyone, I'm a little sad. And I feel like an Alien. I took that girl on a date and she said only likes me as a friend. Bummer. Plenty of fish in the sea, right. Maybe not for me. I'll write a quick poem to commemorate my sadness. Why must my heart hurt? Why… Continue reading I’m Weird(Or Not)