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Uniting Divisive America

What a time to be alive in American Society!

The Leader of the Free World has gained quite the Notoriety

And Threats of Nuclear War have filled the people with Anxiety.

What is politically correct? Where has gone our Propriety?

Come on America, Let us be Real

We signed the Constitution, but that was not the Deal

We said Land of the Free, Home of the Brave!

But when that song came out, We were Home to the Slaves!

And I know times are different, and things are not the Same

And I’m not trying to condemn, or throw around Blame

But you must understand, This is Why we are Divided

We are currently affected by things that have been Decided

We must face our true history, and do what we can to right it

We must not accept any ‘isms’, and use legislation to fight it

Let us put aside our differences, and show the world we have grown

Let us love one another, and not fear the unknown




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