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50 Thoughts Before Bed (And A Poem)

  1. How does one become successful in this world?
  2. Why do the characters in the TV Show Suits say God Damn so much?
  3. How will I pay back all of these student loans?
  4. Will there be a recession coming in the next few months?
  5. How do you make money by blogging?
  6. Will the Detroit Lions win a playoff game in my lifetime?
  7. How many kids will I have?
  8. What will be their names?
  9. I don’t want to have any girls. Guys are very disrespectful nowadays. Chivalry is not dead.
  10. How do I make blog posts good enough so that people will follow me and read them?
  11. What are some good business Ideas?
  12. How old is Zendaya?
  13. Would she consider going out with me?
  14. I sometimes feel like Ted from How I Met Your Mother. I love that show.
  15. How can I become self employed by the time I graduate?
  16. There is so much to learn and not enough time to learn it
  17. What if I am the only real person and everyone else is just a figment of my imagination?
  18. That was really narcissistic. If I had one super power it would be to read minds
  19. I also would want people to read my mind sometimes. I guess thats why I paid 40 dollars for this anonymous blog.
  20. Blogging is kinda fun, even if no one reads it.
  21. Why is it so hard to write good posts?
  22. I like to read other bloggers’ posts because I feel like we are just alike.
  23. I don’t know if I want my blog to be anonymous anymore.
  24. I’ll keep it anonymous because If I ever feel like ranting about my family, I can do it here.
  25. What is the difference between wildly successful people and regular people?
  26. I Love Jesus
  27. I don’t really have an opinion of Trump. I don’t hate him. I wish America was more politically peaceful.
  28. I just thought of something funny; This 50 thoughts thing is like Brain throwup. LOL. (I wish I could add emojis)
  29. WordPress should add emojis
  30. My favorite author is doctor seuss. My fave book is Oh The Places You’ll Go.
  31. Look Up Inky Johnson, He’s quite inspirational. Although, his story made me not want to play football anymore.
  32. I’ve realized that most times, friends come and go.
  33. Family, God, and Only a few friends last forever
  34. What is it like to live in a big city like New York?
  35. UHHH 15 more to go. Who’da thunk it’d be so hard!!!
  36. I’m a really nice and caring person, but I’m a little self-centered
  37. I will have to think more to determine if that is good or bad
  38. Its neither, but I should think more of other people
  39. Tom Brady is the Goat. No arguments allowed
  40. Steph Curry is really fun to watch
  41. Really nervous about my upcoming date. Happy though
  42. I’m considering releasing a poem I wrote a couple years ago
  43. Wow, I feel old. I am old enough to say I wrote poetry a couple of years ago.
  44. I have decided that my last thought of the night will be a poem.
  45. Hopefully I won’t party too much in college.
  46. The Illuminati is real probably but I don’t really care. Its fun to think about some times.
  47. A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand. Its a verse that just pooped into my head. Matthews something
  48. It was Matthews 12:25. On another note, I so desperately want to be successful
  49. I hope I write a good poem. My word is my bond. I hope a few people read this. How do you get followers on social media? I’m going to have to do something miraculous.
  50. Here it is:

Sleep pulls my eyelids low

I resist so I won’t fall asleep

Why not just let it go?

Because I hear my mother’s weep

My mother, How could I know?

She always cries herself to sleep

Her wails are long and slow

Its due to all the pain she keeps

A single mother’s woe

The pain so bad, so long and deep


Oohh, I just made this off the top of my head. Its not based on real life but that was really good. I’m naming the poem A Single Mother’s Woe.




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