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I Got A Hot Date!!!

For those who have read my other blog posts, you understand the general idea that I have terrible luck with girls.

All of that changed yesterday. Really, it changed about a year ago but yesterday I asked this beautiful girl out on a date and she said yes. I was overflowing with joy but not for the reason you think.

I was more happy about the fact that I was able to get a date, than the actual date itself. I kind of wanted to see If I could do it. The reason for this is because I am undergoing a metamorphosis. Not necessarily physically( Although I am in the latter stages of puberty), but more so mentally and spiritually.

You see, from like the fourth grade all the way up through my sophomore year in high school, girls that I liked would always say I’m ugly or somehow not good enough for them. And honestly, I believed it.

So within the last two years or so, with much help from God really, I began to believe that I was more than what they were saying I was. That I was fearfully and wonderfully made(Psalms 139:14). That I was loved more than I could ever know.

This had done wonders for my self-perception. I began to realize that I am quite handsome actually.

But as this was coming together, I wondered why I hadn’t had a girlfriend since the 6th grade(And that was only for a weekend). Thoughts began to creep in that something was really wrong with me. I would look over my track record of tried and failed courtships and I would be depressed again.

Yet again, the Lord my God would come and rescue me from those thoughts. He would remind me through his word that I am a new creature, and not a sum of all of my past experiences. And that he has a greater future for me than my past would ever indicate. So my confidence would be restored.

Anyway, I’m saying all of this to say, that yesterday, while I was at work( I work at this sandwich shop on a little strip mall plaza thing), A girl from a nearby store came in and ordered a sandwich. She smiled at me the whole time she was there. I knew where she worked because she had her work clothes on. And as she left I had declared I would ask her on a date later that day.

All throughout the day, I second-guessed the decision. I was nervous and sweaty and had a quick heartbeat and I hated it. I hate being nervous. I hate it more than being scared.

But anyway the end of my shift came around and I was determined to ask her out, If only to prove to myself that I am a confident young man. After my shift was over, I walked down to her store. To make it seem normal that I was there, I was tried to buy something. That didn’t work out. My card got declined. It was terrible. But I asked her anyway.

She looked at me, smiled, waited for what seemed like years but was actually only about ten seconds, and said yes(OMG!!!!!!). I hurriedly pulled out my phone, which was recently cracked( I hate and love Iphones), and handed it to her to put her number in. She did. I was so joyful.

Then, before I could save it, my mom called. I was livid. Horrified. Luckily, I had a friend who had her number. He worked with her. I told him what happened and he texted me her number. I was saved!!!!!! We texted a little last night.

Finally, here we are today. I have to create a date plan. I’m thinking of going to an art museum, then after that, a stroll by the water. And somewhere in there we eat.

Anyway, leave me some ideas. Love you guys. Thanks for reading. This story was really close to my heart. Have a great day. =) Truly, Micha


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